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Aesthetic Car Wall Collage Kit Pack Of 54 Posters

Aesthetic Car Wall Collage Kit Pack Of 54 Posters

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Discover the amazing world of Stickerly' s Car Wall Collage Kit – a treasure trove of stunning aesthetic car stickers. These stickers are like compliments for your space, instantly adding life and charm wherever you place them.  

We've poured lots of care into making these stickers top-notch. They're printed on really good card-like paper using super-fancy printers that make the colors and details pop. We even added a special matte layer to keep them looking fresh and protected.

Each sticker is a neat 4 X 6 inches, a size that's just right for sticking anywhere you like. But they're not just stickers – they're like mini pieces of art that show off your love for cars and cool style. And if you're into awesome Japanese cars like the GTR or Supra, we've got stickers for those too. They'll make you feel like you're part of the exciting Japanese car world.

Let these stickers jazz up your room, show off your personality, and give a shout-out to your passion for cars. Get ready to make your space pop with these high-quality, super cool stickers from Stickerly!

Our Wall Collage Kit Are -

🌊 | Matte Laminated Posters
☣️ | Self Adhesive Gumming
🌈 | Vibrant Color
✅ | Easy To Use
🖼️ | 4x6 Inches Full Image 
💯 | All Unique Poster

Why Choose Us ?

📦 | Free Shipping All Over ⁣⁣India
⚡ | Flat ₹475/- For Pack of 54 Posters
⭐ | 100 % Quality Guarantee ⁣⁣⁣⁣
⚠️ | Limited Stock ⁣
☺️ | Shipped To 3000+ Happy Customers

How To Use The Product ?

1) Clean The Surface

2) Apply 5 glue dots to the poster

3) Apply To Surface

4) Enjoy !!!!!

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